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What to Expect 

1 / Book an Appointment 

Whether you're looking for a new general dentist or have any concerns,  Dr. Tran and her team have you covered! Contact our office so we can get you scheduled at a time that works best for you. 

2 / Insurance Information  

If using dental insurance, we request that you provide your insurance information ahead of your appointment. By doing so, we can verify your benefits in advance and prevent additional wait time. We also have specials for our patients without insurance. 

3 / New Patient Registration 

To minimize any wait time, we kindly ask all new patients to complete our registration process ahead of their appointment. You can easily access the registration form here or on our homepage. By completing this step in advance, you'll help us ensure that your appointment starts promptly, allowing us to focus on providing you with the exceptional care you deserve.

4 / Brush and Floss 

To ensure the best possible experience and results during your visit, we ask that you brush and floss your teeth prior to arriving at our office. This simple step helps create a clean foundation for your dental examination. 

5 / Nice to Meet You

Welcome to Impressions Dental Care! Our office is located on the first floor of the office building. Our receptionist will greet and check you in. Once Dr. Tran is ready, our dental assistants will bring you back to get you started.

6 / X-Rays, Exam, and Health History 

Once settled, our dental assistants will begin taking x-rays, providing crucial insights that is not visible to the eye for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Dr. Tran will then introduce herself, address your health history and concerns, and conduct a thorough oral examination.

7 / Treatment Plan 

After Dr. Tran has crafted your personalized treatment plan, our dedicated team will guide you through it, ensuring full comprehension and comfort. Your confidence is our priority, with our assistant available to address any questions or concerns. Count on our transparent and comprehensive care for a healthy, radiant smile and peace of mind throughout the process.

8 / Treatment and Scheduleing your Next Appointment 

After reviewing your treatment plan and providing consent, we'll complete the cleaning and treatment. If additional appointments are needed, we will get you

scheduled promptly. Your dental care, our commitment. 

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